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Dr. Algeania Marie Warren Freeman for over 40 years helped to educate others, and she served as an administrator, fundraiser, grant writer, author, motivational speaker, ordained minister, and civic leader. She served as the President of two universities and two colleges. Dr. Freeman is known as a living legend and game changer who provided the leadership to save the accreditation of three institutions of higher education. Dr. Freeman was reared in a segregated community called Sorrow Valley located next to the town trash dump in Benson, North Carolina where she grew up picking cotton, barning tobacco, and picking up sweet potatoes. By overcoming breast cancer, auto- immune disease, being a working mother, having five commuter marriages to one man, divorce, losing jobs, suffering financial struggles, death of loved ones, she never gave up. Growing up in a community called Sorrow Valley, her future at best was viewed as bleak or dismal. She had what some would say were many career setbacks that God used as setups so she could fulfill her divine calling for her life. With faith in God, determination in her heart, and tenacity of spirit, Dr. Freeman always got back up when knocked down, and she kept pressing forward to become a trailblazer and a history making woman who many people said would not make it. She has devoted her life to providing access to educational opportunities for over 30,000 persons and providing hope for persons who needed to change their life destinies. She operates with the philosophy of “What color is love?”

No matter how many times, Dr. Freeman was knocked down by life’s adversities, she always got back up again, and she continued to Step Up, because she knew that she had the DNA of a Champion.  She remembered that as a Daughter of Zion, she possessed the SPIRITUAL DNA of God who created worlds, flung stars into being, and created the sun and the moon that made her an OVERCOMER AND A WINNER.  Dr. Freeman realized that she could accomplished all things through Christ who strengthens her; therefore, she purposed in her heart to never allow life to defeat her and to never give up on fulfilling her life’s destiny no matter how many life challenges or negative situations confronted her. Dr. Algeania Freeman became a STEP UP SISTER by believing that she would always win, because she had seeds of greatness in her spiritual DNA that made her a WINNER.  Dr. Freeman wants all women to become STEP UP SISTERS BY REALIZING THAT THEY ARE WINNERS AND CHAMPIONS.  For it is not what others do to you, say or think about you, it is what you believe about yourself.  DECLARE TODAY THAT YOU ARE A WINNER WHO IS MAKING A COMMITMENT TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

  • MOVE FROM Hurts, Wounds, and Betrayals of the Past (STOP LETTING YOUR PAST HOLD YOU BACK!)
  • BE HEALED by the power of GOD
  • Envision Who You Want to Be
  • Get an Education
  • Start a Career or Business
  • Help Other Women Succeed
  • Change Your Community

There seems to be a War on Women that causes women to feel besieged and belittled. Too often women feel unworthy, not good enough, and less than able to accomplish their life dreams, goals, and desires, largely due to their life experiences. So often, women allow the hurts, wounds, and betrayals of the past to hinder their futures. They allow the gossiping, backbiting, and stone throwing to determine their destinies. These assaulted women allow the naysayers to get them down, turn them around, and make them ineffective in getting back up and starting over again when they are knocked down.

These women allow life to make them reside in Sorrow Valley bemoaning what could have been or what they could have achieved. Many times, hurting, wounded, and betrayed women hurt, wound, and betray other women. Rather than being supportive and encouraging of other women, the spirit of jealousy causes many of the hurt, wounded, and betrayed women to become vicious, treacherous, and deliberately non-supportive of helping other women achieve success or reach their God given destinies. By becoming Step Up Sisters, women and girls make a commitment that they will improve their inner selves, build up their fellow sisters, and become great leaders who will change their communities.
About Us

STEP UP SISTER IS AN affiliate of a 501©3 foundation called Greater Opportunity Development Center, Inc.  Step Up Sister is devoted to helping females improve their lives through spiritual growth, education, and leadership development as well as providing resource support for female empowerment. There is a commitment to combat the WAR ON WOMEN by helping females to improve their self-esteem and self-worth by moving beyond life’s limitations. There is an even stronger commitment to encourage females to stop tearing down other sisters and to become sister supporters of other females.

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